Doctor Strange: Time and the Meaning of Life

Doctor Strange deals with various Gemini/Mercury themes including magic, healing, the confrontation with the shadow, and the shamanic journey between dimensions. It’s another superhero origins story – a classic hero’s journey with an added dash of ‘Hollywood metaphysics’ plus kaleidoscopic visuals based on fractal geometry and Escher. It looks fantastic and is best seen on the big screen (and in 3D, if you can stomach it – I can’t!). 

Chocolat: Healing the Past and Making Life Sweeter

A perfect example of Taurus on film can be found in Chocolat, a light-hearted fable that makes your mouth water just watching it. Like all good films, it’s about many things: religious belief v atheism, feminism, inclusion, temptation, and what it means to live a good life. It’s a tale of freedom and longing, forgiveness and compassion, and the need for self-acceptance and healing. The story follows Vianne Rocher and her daughter Anouk, who travel from place to place, selling chocolates and bringing change to the people they encounter. 

Wonder Woman: the Descent and Return of the Goddess

In my post on Aries Myths we met the Sumerian battle goddess Inanna: a fertility goddess and force of nature with roots that extend back into prehistory. She’s not a figure you would expect to pop up in a Hollywood movie, but then along came Wonder Woman. Unlike many superhero movies, it isn’t afflicted with the snark bug. There’s no nihilistic banter or ironic asides. Wonder Woman is an enjoyable film with a positive, life-affirming message.